2018 my year in review

Twenty eighteen has felt like a tough year for me. It’s only in looking back that I realise actually it went pretty well. My time has been squeezed more than ever before. A toddler running around, lots of interesting client work and working something new (more on that later) has left little time for reflection so its New Year’s Eve, time to reflect.

The UI Plural(s) problem

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all used it, we’ve probably all been in the meeting when it was decided to do it.

Apps as Strategy – five years on

Our strategy is apps! Was the call of many an executive back when the app store was launched 5 years ago. In 2017 apps aren’t the safe bet they once seemed.

Stop designing filters and start designing search

I get asked a few times a year. What’s a good design pattern for search filters? I um, and I err, and I try and think of good ones. The problem being, filtering is an admission your search experience isn’t working.