Principles to work by

Or staying on the right track.

I came across Dave Mcnamee’s Principles for Professional Excellence 8 years ago.

If you have an employer or you work in client services they are a really helpful guide to getting on in your job.

  1. Create a portfolio of personal successes
  2. Get important things done
  3. Always seek out and expose truth and reality
  4. Take on only that which you can successfully complete
  5. Understand how your company makes money
  6. Understand how you contribute to your company’s (or client’s) success
  7. Do things to increase your capacity to contribute to your company’s or client’s success
  8. Maintain a positive balance in your value account with the organis(z)ation
  9. Always do what you say you will do
  10. Build strong working relationships with people

I wouldn’t say I’m expert in all of them, but they help me understand what I’m good at and what I need to work on. Reviewing the principles every few months helps me understand where I need to focus.

Number one, Keeping a portfolio of personal success, is a great thing to go and look at when you are having a bad day, it helps you remember that you are good at what you do. The rest are self explanatory.

I’ve found them to be an invaluable tool, I hope you do too. A big thanks to Dave for writing them.

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