Psychology and Product Design: A framework to supercharge your app and website. A new book from me.

The book will be a practical guide to applying psychology to design better interactions and experiences. Coming late 2019.

The book will be practical and full of real world examples to get you going with psychology right away. I’m splitting the book into three parts, almost mini books within the main book. Best of all I’m planning to keep the book short so you have a chance to actually read it.

Part 1 The Micro: Psychology to design bulletproof interactions

From search to password entry to navigation this part of the book will help you design interactions that users will find simple and easy to use. I’ll outline an approach for dealing with change when it comes to users (they hate change!) and managing their expectations.
The interaction framework I’ll introduce can also be used to evaluate your current app or website and offer practical quick wins to improve the UI. The framework can also be used to evaluate competitors.

Part 2 The Macro: Psychology to plan, transform and innovate the user experience

I’ll outline a framework based on psychology to identify key user needs and design a transformative user experience. I’ll show you how to get the insight from psychology to plan your product from scratch or develop the next leap forward for your app / website and leapfrog the competition.

Part 3: Psychology, the dark arts and ethics

Learn how to apply theories like from the darker side of psychology. Do approaches like nudge, persuasion and cognitive biases work and how well?
I’ll discuss ethics and psychology in product design and how to define your own ethical framework to make sure you are doing the right thing.

Get updates on the book

I’m planning to publish later this year. If you’d like me to keep you infrequently updated on progress and let you know when the book is published (and get a discount!) drop me your email (via Mailchimp)

I can’t wait for the book I want this right now!

I offer a psychology for product design and UX workshop outlining all of the above. I can either come into your company or you can attend workshops I’m running with Mind the Product in San Fransisco in July or Smashing Magazine in Freiberg, Germany in September.

Psychology and Product Design: A framework to supercharge your app and website. A new book from me.

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