A Week to a Prototype: Product Design Sprints

Get from idea to prototype in a week.

Idea to  Prototype

Do you have an idea that you want to explore? Do you want to develop a prototype to showcase and get real user feedback?

Traditionally this has taken many expensive months. Not any more.

Google Ventures have developed the Product Design Sprint. From idea to prototype in a week.

A week to a prototype

  • Monday: Unpack the idea, look for revenue channels
  • Tuesday: Sketch different approaches to the idea
  • Wednesday: Hone the best ideas
  • Thursday: Build a prototype
  • Friday: Research with real users

For both startups and entrepreneurs within existing large companies.

I can facilitate the process. With real user insight, business planning experience, prototyping skills and almost 500 user tests under my belt; in a week we can create something together.

Get in touch

If you want me run a Product Design sprint or want any advice in getting an idea of the ground get in touch. If you need more or less help, I offer UX for an hour, a day or a week..

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