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Settling for Bonsai Success

Any idea what I’m talking about here?

Do you ever think about the idea ‘Bonsai Success’? I encounter it often in my work with founders and CEOs. Despite being successful, the success that you’ve had takes a long time to flourish.

Intriguingly, most people seem satisfied with this slow development and appreciate the notion that success should be somewhat similar to a nicely grown bonsai tree. But, what if success could be compared to the fast growing pine tree?

In my dealings, I’ve realised that falling into the trap of ‘bonsai success’ often translates to never ending problems in different points of a business. This gradual growth becomes the new normal and it is within the danger zone here.

The question is, would you settle for a Bonsai?

This topic requires a bit more thought and contemplation, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, because it opens so many doors in your mindset.

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