Stop designing filters and start designing search

I get asked a few times a year. What’s a good design pattern for search filters? I um, and I err, and I try and think of good ones. The problem being, filtering is an admission your search experience isn’t working.

Product Page Template in Sketch

Last year I wrote an article for Shopify on how to design a great product page, here’s the template I created for that article.

Not worrying when you should be having fun

I’m a worrier, always have been, always will be. I always want to do the best job I can I worry that I won’t I worry I’ve forgotten something, am going to let someone down or worst of all a niggling feeling of something not being right.

Over the years I’ve developed a number of ways to help deal with the worries – ways to limit my worrying to 9 – 5.

Usability expert, me? Never.

Often when I’m introduced to a new project team I’m introduced as the usability expert, which makes me cringe a little. Why is that I hear you ask, well the evidence suggest that there is no such thing as a usability expert.

International Usability – 5 tips

I’ve been travelling a lot recently with work. The US three times this year, Germany twice and have been working with project teams in Australia and India. I’ve put together 5 tips for international usability and published it over at … Continued

Usability and return on investment

Have been doing some research into return on investment and usability and user experience work and I thought I’d share. IBM calculate that for every $1 spent on user experience the business makes between $10 – $100 Research by the … Continued