UX Magazine – Investing in UX

We invested $50,000 of our company’s money into a fund consisting of 10 companies we felt did a great a job at user experience. We wanted to test a hypothesis that companies who focus on UX will see it reflected in their stock price.

Hey now, you're a rockstar

The emerging rock stars of brands may well be interaction designers. As brands move to digital platforms to help create customers, interaction designers will play a key role in determining which brands thrive, and which fall by the wayside

User exprience & usability podcasts

Over at my other site I wite a fair amount about podcasting. I’ve found a few over the past year or so focusing on user expereince and usability so I thought I’d share them.

Middle-aged media

I work for a ‘new’ media company and some of things I like about the industry are down to it’s very informal structures and procedures. But something I am noticing about new media is that it is slowly becoming middle-aged … Continued

Persona Resources

Personas have become a really important part of the work I do in helping organisations to make that difficult move to being customer-centric. They can be so useful for making design and more importantly business decsions. The link below offers … Continued