Getting started with Raspberry Pi

I’ve just bought my second Raspberry Pi. The mini $35 computer.

The Raspberry Pi foundation have sold over 1 million of these little computers and I bet you might well have one, gathering dust, maybe still even in the box on your desk.

They are a great idea and the price makes them the perfect impulse buy. It took me months to get started and the biggest problem I had? What to do with the little thing.

Raspberry Pi #1

I’ve set it up to be a proxy server so when I’m abroad I can watch iPlayer and other UK TV. [Instructions here].

I’ve also got it set up to be a gateway into my home network (using Hamachi) to stream movies from my home network.

The same Pi is also a Airplay box for streaming music to my hifi.

Raspberry Pi #2

Pi #2 I gave to my eight year old nephew so he could build games. There’s a great game building piece of software on the default software release.

Scratch is easy to get going and you can build a game in a couple of hours. Perfect for a wet Sunday afternoon.

Some tips

Probably the trickiest thing to getting started is getting the software on the box.

Copying the default install to the SD card is really hard on the mac. I discovered Apple Pi which makes it super easy. It even allows you to install the media server XBMC to use the Pi with your TV.

I use my Raspberry Pi’s headless, that is without a monitor or keyboard & mouse. Adafruit has a great tutorial.

The best tutorials I’ve found are Adafruit and Lifehacker.

If you haven’t bought one yet get on it! They are lots of fun.

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