I’ve run UX research and product design projects in Asia, Europe, US, Africa and South America, 38 countries in total and know how to address many of the common international UX and product challenges.

How I can help with international UX 

How I can help with international product strategy 

  • International product strategy: Develop a business and product plan to support multiple countries and languages with different design, linguistic and cultural needs
  • Launching into a new market: User research and resulting UX and product changes to meet local market needs
  • Product design support to build in international / global product feature from the start

International help and advice

I share my international experience on the UI Breakfast Podcast.

I talk about why international UX goes way beyond translation, how to approach new countries, why some markets are particularly challenging, and how to do research when your customers speak a different language

How I work

I’ve run international UX research and design projects in Asia, Europe, US, Africa and South America, 38 countries in total. I work with a network of trusted UX partners built up over the course of 10 years of working on international project with clients like eBay, Disney, Alfresco, Marriott and Wiggle.com.

I can identify the most common product and UX challenges in any given country and offer quick guidance to address these issues. We’ll work directly with my extensive partner network in-country giving you the latest thinking from someone who understands UX for that country.

Get in touch

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