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Persona photos and where to find them

I asked on Twitter where to find persona photos. Here’s what came back.

from UI Faces: persona pictures royalty free

You can see one way I user personas; How to do a UX review and read about my mixed feelings about using them; Personas: the good the bad and the ugly.

Update: 12 March 2020

This site can be used to generate real looking people
This Person Does Not Exist

Update: 1 May 2019 look!

Those lovely people at Creative Commons have released a search engine for royalty free photos:

Persona pictures

Rob Whiting suggested a discussion thread on UXMastery: Where do you find persona images?

Highlights include:

Mathieu Croset suggest UIFaces which shows user avatars mostly taken from Twitter so you might recognise a few faces there.

Mike Ellis shared his bookmarks of stock photos. As did Dan Goodwin and Mike Dunn.

Steffi recommended searching Flickr using advanced search and licence filtering.

Dan Goodwin also mentioned Jonathan Abbett’s persona photos collection.

Eat Everything offered his Bristol photos if the usage is for internal proposes. Ask his permission if you’d like to use them.

If you have any more suggestions please add them in the comments.

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5 replies on “Persona photos and where to find them”

Katie Doyle says:

Hi Joe! Try my little side project: After amassing a bunch of free stock photos and Creative Commons-licensed, I started organizing them in a gallery here.

Joe Leech says:

Hi Katie, great resource. Thank you!

Jo Packer says:

Awesome resources and the timing was perfect. Thanks to Alan Colville for sharing with me this morning!

Great sources! I love your page with images to share online. and one of my best favorite is pixabay because here i got high definition pictures, and high image resolution

Venessa says:

I hadn’t run across some of these, thanks for sharing! Quick heads up doesn’t seem to work anymore, neither does “this person does not exist” :-/

Would love for you to check out these persona images I created using Midjourney:

Mood and situational scenes were taken into account to create as powerful images as possible for persona documents. Hope it’s helpful!

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