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Planning an exit?

Are you planning to exit from a ‘position of power’?

In partnership with Business of Software, I’m facilitating a mastermind group, where part of what you’ll take away, is the ability to approach your exit with a much stronger position.

Whether that’s from a process standpoint, or a mental framing for yourself that you CAN be in control of the process… we’ll be helping you understand how you can achieve it.

Today’s video shares some of the challenges I see CEOs and founders struggling with in this position.. and it’s all accepted as ‘normal’… except it shouldn’t be.

If you want to find out more about our Mastermind, click here.

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I’m mr Joe and I help CEOs and their businesses thrive.

Success isn't incremental. It's a game of chutes / snakes and ladders; it's time to climb the ladders. I bring 15 years in tech, $20b in added revenue, experience with 30+ startups and FTSE / NASDAQ / Fortune 100 giants. Together we can do great things.

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