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Podcast Appearances by Joe Leech

The podcasts I have been on. Enjoy!

Mind the Product Podcast
I talk about how to troubleshoot (and avoid) a poor product launch, managing change with users and stakeholders and considered vs non-considered purchases or how to optimise your Ecommerce website.

UX Consulting Podcast

Ok, it’s a video not a podcast

UI Breakfast Podcast where I talk International Product Strategy
How do you introduce your software into a foreign market? How do you even make an informed decision about it? I have run research and design projects in 38 countries, and happy to share his experience — peppered with stories and amazing facts. You’ll learn why international UX goes way beyond translation, how to approach new countries, why some markets are particularly challenging, and how to do research when your customers speak a different language.

Unfinished Business: Working with clients and agencies. We talk about; developing content for clients, why you should do your own research and not believe that everything you read on the internet, and whether you should get involved in competitive pitching and tendering.

Boagworld: We talk writing the perfect proposal, job titles and freelance life.

UX Podcast: We talk about psychology for designers and crappy science. We debunk some myths and “rules” that come across as truths.

Brainfluence Podcast: How to find and use psychology to make your products better.Learn how you can find, understand and harness the right psychology studies to maximise your websites design and potential.

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I'm Joe Leech and I 10x leaders, the business and the products and services they create. I bring 15 years in tech, $20b in revenue, experience with 30+ startups & FTSE100 / Fortune100 giants. Together we can do great things. Work with me.

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