Coaching and Mentoring for Product Teams and Leaders

I coach product teams and executive leadership who are feeling daunted about the work that needs be done, need help getting some focus or a little out of their depth.

I can help you build and manage teams, prioritise the customer and their needs in a complex market or organisation all with a focus on shipping great products users love.

I help you to

  • Build the right things
  • In the right order
  • For the right reasons

I have 15 years of experience working with large organisations like eBay, Disney or Trainline as well as start-ups and high-growth, post series A businesses.

Email: joe@mrjoe.ukLinkedIn: Joe LeechTwitter: @mrjoe

Working with me

Regular, unmetered support, advice and help

Fast, pragmatic advice and support exactly when you need it.

  • A weekly call where we discuss challenges
  • The rest of the week I support you and the team

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Things you need to know

I work with three to four product teams at one time.

  • No contracts, just a rolling monthly agreement you can end at any time
  • Un-metered, ad-hoc support when you need it
  • No set days or hours, just help when you need it
  • I typically work with organisations for a few months, building capability, knowledge and confidence
  • I specialise in complex organisations and complex products with challenging stakeholders as well growth-focused, post series A, start-ups.
  • You also get to hang out with my very relaxed dog, Little Dude

Getting Started

Working with me is straight forward.

  1. Get in touch and we can chat over what you need and how I can help
  2. I’ll send you details on how it works and some details around the costs
  3. We can kick off working together either with a workshop (I have two) or a full review of your product, team or process, or just a big download of all the challenges you are facing
  4. We get on with it, I help you decide what to do or roll my sleeves up and help you do it

Things I can help with

  • Planning, building and managing products
    • Building the right things in the right order for the right reasons
    • Shaping releases to quicker ship releases
  • Product prioritisation and process
    • Prioritising user needs and features based upon them
    • Roadmap Planning
  • Programme planning
    • OKRs
    • Kano and other planning methodologies
  • Diagnosing problems from user experience symptoms
  • Support in working with
    • Developers / Designers / Researchers / UXers / Founders / VCs / CEO / Bosses / external agencies and dev companies
  • Building Product Teams and a Product Management Organisation
    • Team structures
    • Product management by feature or user need
  • Ongoing continuous improvement programmes
    • A|B testing programmes
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Testing the right stuff
  • Data gathering / analysis
  • Project planning
    • Clear project definitions / Scope
    • Business case
  • Stakeholder workshops / Stakeholder engagement
  • Reviewing design work
    • Frameworks for design critique
    • Making good design choices
  • Access to my large network of experienced professionals from ex Google CTOs, to start-up founders & VCs as well as thought leaders in tech, SEO, web performance, design, social, marketing and brand
  • Product Management and UX / User Research / Agile
  • International product launches / user experience