I can help you launch a new website / app or plan a programme of changes to improve an existing product.

  • Define the product vision and develop the product strategy.
  • Innovate by identifying unmet user needs.
  • Develop a business case.
  • Develop a product roadmap and plan a programme of work.
  • Work through a challenging problem, plan a redesign / relaunch, mitigate agiainst risk, help you recover if something bad has happened.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help.

Email joe@mrjoe.uk Call +447905 334163 Skype joeleech

For companies

Twelve years of working with leading businesses to set vision, develop strategy and deliver projects & programmes of work.

  • If you are planning a redesign or a programme of improvement I can help
  • Use UX techniques to map and prioritise users needs
  • Orientate the business around user needs to improve decision making and seed to market
  • Benchmark performance, set goals and project KPI improvements
  • Develop a realistic plan to deliver
  • Specialist in international product strategy
  • Practical support working alongside your team to deliver projects
  • Help make sure nothing bad happens or help you recover if something bad has happened

For startups

A lean approach to define user needs, set product direction and deliver the right features at the right time.

  • From idea, to plan to product
  • User experience led approach to align product idea to user needs
  • Avoid challenging pivots by designing to meet defined user needs
  • Develop a realistic business plan to increase investor confidence
  • Develop user and market centred product roadmap
  • Plan and deliver an MVP that can generate results / revenue