So nice

What a great couple of weeks I’ve had. A couple of weeks that have reaffirmed why I love working in the industry I work in.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the wonderful Brooklyn Beta. The nicest conference in the world™.

What makes Brooklyn Beta so great is that everyone is genuinely a nice person, happy to chat to you regardless of who you are or what you do. I’d chat away to people for a good hour before we got around to asking the ‘so what do you do question?’.

Last night I spoke at London Content Strategy meetup and again met another group of lovely, friendly people who want to do good things.

We are very lucky to work in an industry that has be able to define it’s own purpose & ethos. Flat organisation structures, supportive networks, open communication channels, choice in what we do and often who we work for and with. We are fortunate.

The last couple of weeks has once again helped me to understand what it is I like about what I do. Meet good people, do good work, be happy. Thank you internet, you rock.

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