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Unlocking the Modern CEO

Unlocking the Modern CEO

Managing Your Internal and External Board of Directors

From Business of Software, April 2022.

I discuss why managing an effective external board for your organisation starts with understanding and managing your own internal board.

Based on my background in Neuroscience I talk about the discrete and sometimes conflicting subpersonalities you have and how they affect your decision making

You can learn to manage your mind, the voices you amplify and control in different contexts. The same is true for external boards – each member comes with unique history and perspective. I share how understanding your inner board allows you to manage your board’s voices, amplify the right voices at the right time and know how to find your next superpower.

Making Better Product Decisions with Jobs to be Done

Video and slides for this talk

Most recently given at Mind the Product Engage Manchester in Feb 2020

In this MTP Engage Manchester 2020 talk, using a simple example, I demonstrate how we can employ the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework, deconstructing how we build products and showing how true innovation is hiding in plain sight.

Supercharge your product with Psychology

Most recently at the Barbican in London for Mind the Product

Slides & video for this talk

Also at Smashing Conf, San Fransisco in April 2018 and Smashing Conf Toronto in 2017.

How to Design with Science and not destroy the magic

Slides for ‘How to Design with Science and not destroy the Magic’ on Slideshare

Most recent: Smashing Conf NYC, June 2017, UX Hong Kong and Smashing Conf, Barcelona. Given first at DotYork and then expanded for Yggdrasil.

The Psychology of Decision Making

Given at The Conference, Malmo.

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