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There is Always A Better Way

Everything had to change. I knew had to give up what had made me successful to that point.

Change is good but it’s hard. Last year me and the family made a big change. After 10 years we left our beloved Bristol for the coast.

Tuesday mornings I work from here, Rise in West Bay

My wife’s health had been really bad, my daughter wasn’t thriving at school. Taking care of family is the most important thing.

Everything had to change. I was worried. I knew had to give up what had made me successful to that point.

I was the goto product / UX person in Bristol, I turned down 90% of the work that came my way. I spoke at conferences all over the world. I founded a start-up, we raised a lot of money. I worked hard. But things had to change.

I had to learn to work less, learning to break the time = work trap opened up the world to me.

Now I work 20 hours a week with incredible leaders building world changing companies and I’m there everyday for my wife and daughter.

  • Was it easy? No. Learning a new way to work requires commitment and reinvention right down to the very concept of work.
  • How do you survive earning less money? I don’t. I earn more now than I ever have.
  • Is this a sales pitch for a new book? No. This is telling you like I wish someone could have told me, there is always better way.

The greatest entrepreneurs, CEO, leaders, product managers, designers know there is a better way to do something. Sometimes they need to apply that thinking to themselves.

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