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Setting up a UX practice is a challenge. Hiring a senior UX person with the necessary skills to run a UX programme is increasingly difficult.

UX mentoring and coaching

There are many job openings for mid-weight and senior UX roles, typically looking for 3 to 5+ years of experience. This presents a challenge as 5 years ago there were very few of us practicing UX. The pool to hire from is limited which makes hiring an expensive and often fruitless endevour.

There are many junior and in-experienced UXers hoping to fill these roles. Because of the skills gap at the top there is no senior guidance and experience to guide a junior. This may mean that junior staff won’t learn and may make mistakes and the return on training may take up to a year to appear.

Hiring a junior UXer or relying on an inexperienced team is a risk.

Ultimately, product design processes and UX techniques should be shared across a digital team Without a senior UXer to help implement a programme an organisation can’t be sure it will work.

How I can help

I can act as your senior UXer / Product Manager offering support, guidance and mentoring for a product team. Developing a lean approach that suits the organisation working either in an agile or traditional waterfall process.

I’ll be on hand to offer coaching to the team, working alongside them to deliver projects whilst showing them the techniques and process, getting good UX done straight away and building a solid UX practice. Everything from planning user research to developing prototypes.

Over time the team will have the skills and confidence to run a true user centred design process.

My background; with 12 years of experience, a MSc in Human Computer Interaction, setting up UX practices and mentoring junior UX consultants, working with leading UX teams at eBay, Microsoft and others means I know what works.

I can also assist with hiring and advice working with UX recruitment agencies.

Mentoring the UX team at University of Bristol
Working with the team to plot UX research findings

What about training?

The worst kind of training is abstract and not tailored to the challenges your organisation may face; often forgotten a few weeks after because there is no follow-up or actionable application.

Alongside the mentoring I can offer training on Jobs to Be Done and other UX techniques based on real world problems. We’ll work through the challenges your organisation is facing and plan a product approach and choose the right techniques to address them. I’ll be on hand during the execution to offer guidance and support ensure everything runs smoothly.

With 5 years experience as a primary / elementary school teacher, my training is engaging, practical and fun. No endless PowerPoints here.

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