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Why CEOs Should Embrace Vacation Time: Finding the Balance Between Control and Trust

It’s about a CEO who’s worried about going on vacation, fearing that the business will come to a screeching halt without their watchful eye. But what if, during their absence, the company actually thrives?

As leaders, we should aim for our teams to function efficiently without us. Often, this fear of taking a break stems from micromanagement or focusing too much on what others are doing. This could lead to burnout, resentment from the team, and a lack of focus on the bigger picture.

I recently worked with a CEO who worried about their purpose when the team operated well without them. But that’s the point! As a CEO, you should prioritize and strategize for the future, rather than just keeping yourself busy.

Creating space for yourself to go on vacation allows you to see how your business operates with or without you. It frees up mental space to ponder the future of the business and answer crucial questions about your role as CEO.

If you feel like you’re always spinning plates, maybe it’s time to delegate and trust your team more. Find the balance between accountability and responsibility, and remember, your greatest strength might also be your biggest weakness.

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