Resources and tips to help run a great workshop

I love running workshops and get asked what techniques and approaches I use. I've put together a quick list of link and books.

I was primary / elementary school teacher for about 5 years and picked up many techniques on the way. The links and books here should help give you some great ideas for your next workshop.

I have only one tip. Record yourself running the workshop and watch the video back. It’s by far and away the quickest way to get better. It’s excruciating to watch yourself but very effective.

Articles and presentations

Scott Berkun gives a good overview and some useful tips. Run a good workshop.

Kevin Hoffmann has written a good article facilitating a design workshop and process on A List Apart. Dan Saffer’s great prezzo on running a design and ideation workshop.


Gamestorming is proper ace and full of ideas you might recognise from workshops I’ve run.

A new book I’m hearing good things about. Designing the Conversation from Russ Unger, Brad Nunnally and Dan Willis.

If you have a recommendations of links and books please add a comment.

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