What happens when Paris Hilton accidentally @mentions you.

Wrong @mrjoe Paris.

I’d had a hell of a week, my first of freelancing. I’d been speaking at Dotyork in York, I’d just got home. I had a nap, woke up to find my phone melting down. This is what happens when Paris Hilton mentions you in a tweet and an Instagram.

Paris meant to tag the Yahoo! style editor, Joe Zee. He’s @MrJoeZee on Twitter, I’m @mrjoe.

Its started with an Instagram post. I spotted it after 17 minutes, I’d already had 8,225 likes. My phone was melting!

Paris and me on Instagram

The picture went up on Twitter at the same time. Only 59 retweets and 148 likes, but still plenty of notifications.

Paris and me on Twitter

Many of the replies to the tweet were from my followers making snarky comments.

Rob Whiting  haha, brilliant, looking forward to buying a bottle of Persona TM for men a new fragrance from Mr joe and Paris Hilton

Suffice to say I’m not launching a fragrance anytime soon.

I also got 150 or so Instagram followers I got, many who went through all my previous photos liking many of them, about 220 notifications (I’d turned them off by this point).

The weirdest bit, I still get likes on my Instagram photos, this chap regular likes my photos, not sure what to think.

A new follower

A funny few hours for sure. You can follow me on Instagram and see which photos Juan likes.

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