Jobs to be Done training workshop JTBD

How to use Jobs to be Done to radically improve your website, app and product management approach

A practical, hands on way to understand how make the right product choices based on user needs.

  • Use Jobs to be Done (JTBD) to research, plan and build innovative products and services
  • How to identify unmet user need and develop new features and innovative ideas
  • How JTBD can be used to advocate and align your company or statup around user centred design. From senior stakeholders to product and marketing effort around a shared understanding of what users need

Perfect for CEOs, product managers, UXers, business analysts and everyone planning and delivering product be that for a large organisation or start-up.

I can run a workshop for your company or team, get in touch

Email: joe@mrjoe.ukLinkedIn: Joe LeechTwitter: @mrjoe

What you’ll learn

  1. Use Jobs to be Done research techniques to identify and uncover unmet user need.
  2. How to plan and prioritise the Jobs to be Done and develop a user centred roadmap.
  3. Develop product market fit with Jobs to be Done
  4. How to use JTBD to develop a competitor strategy to encourage users to switch to your product
  5. How to create products, experiences and features around each JTBD. How to practically translate each Job to be Done into a product feature / UI via Job Stories.
  6. How JTBD can fit into your existing product processes (eg Agile, Design Sprints, user research) and move quickly.
  7. Use JTBD to align, C-suite, senior managers, product teams and marketing.
  8. And if you are an agency / consultancy how to use JTBD to build long term client 💛
I talk about the workshop

“Joe’s workshop was energetic, focused and unique! His energy and enthusiasm for the material came through, and along with the group activities and the worksheets, he kept the group engaged”

Previous JTBD workshop attendee

The experience

The workshop will be split into four, 2 hour blocks run on consecutive weeks. This allows time for reflection and fits around your work and home life.

Part 1. Overview of Jobs to be Done. What is a Job, Competitor Strategy with Four Forces, Jobs Timeline, Job Map.MondayTwo hours
Part 2. JTBD for innovation vs JTBD for product improvement. JTBD research. How to do it. What to look for. Aligning your organisation around a job.Tue2 hours
Part 3. JTBD in action. Prioritising jobs, JBTD and Agile / Design Sprints. Pros and Cons, lessons fro the field. Mon2 hours
Part 4. Let’s do it! A JTBD project from start to finish. Research, insight, planning and executionTue2 hours

The group will be small and we will be working on a JTBD project together across the four sessions using Miro. There will be plenty of time to talk about and reflect on, how to use Jobs to be Done on you product in your organisation.

Designed for virtual

The workshop has been designed from the bottom up to make the most of being remote. Focused sessions, engaging tools, breakout rooms, activities & fun exercises, high quality audio and video.

We’ll be using a shared Miro board for group work
Joe talks Jobs toe be Done JTBD
The quality of the audio and video will be very high with professional camera & microphone

“Informative: Check, Engaging: Check, Fun with a side of english humor: Check, check!”

Previous attendee

Meet Joe, your instructor

I am qualified, experienced teacher having taught elementary school (I promise no sing-a-longs!) as well an experienced product and UX veteran. I’ve worked with eBay, Disney, as well as a host of start-ups and scale-ups. Expect fun, engaging activities and practical, actionable content.

If you have a question, please drop me an email.

Watch Joe talk JTBD

👩‍💻 Download the JTBD Training Brochure to give to your boss.

What’s included

  • All course materials, slide deck and worksheets
  • JTBD templates to make your own
  • A course completion certificate
  • Recordings of the 4 working sessions to review later
  • Email access to Joe for any questions you have for as long as you need it
  • Reading list
  • Videos and articles to share with your team to get them up to speed on JTBD
  • Access to class Slack channel and wider access to the JTBD channel for all attendees of the workshop
  • Emails with JTBD articles, videos, content and more
Jobs to be Done training workshop example materials

After the Workshop

You’ll be able to:

  1. Uncover the Jobs to be Done, map them to your product and understand the where and the how of customer centred innovation and opportunities it presents
  2. Evidence product changes, features and direction across the organisation from C level executives to marketing
  3. Build the right thing in the right order for the right reasons

Come to the workshop and you’ll able to put JTBD into practice as soon as you get back to your desk.

Workshops in your Workplace / Remotely for your Team

I can come into your workplace and work with your team to plan innovative new features, products and services. The workshop also works well remotely being split into 4 x 2 hour sessions using tools like Zoom and Miro to work together and in break out groups. 

Included with the workshop are a series of follow ups to help you plan and guide you through the roll out of JTBD and help with any hurdles you encounter. Get in touch if you’d like to run a private workshop for your team.

Previous workshop feedback

If you want to start using Jobs To Be Done in your design research then Joe’s informative, practical and persuasive course will put you on the right path.

Packed with valuable and actionable insights, Joe’s workshop should be mandatory for product designers and managers.

Joe’s workshop was energetic, focused and unique! His energy and enthusiasm for the material came through, and along with the group activities and the worksheets, he kept the group engaged throughout the day. The material learned was practical and easy to share and put to use back at work.

Informative: Check, Engaging: Check, Fun with a side of english humor: Check, check!

Joe is not only a knowledgable UXer, but also someone who can communicate knowledge – this combination makes him the best UX pro I have ever had the chance to meet. 

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