Brooklyn Beta 2014

This year was the fifth and final Brooklyn Beta. People and conversation make the event. I've come back from previous Betas and remember the moments but forget the details. I thought I'd make a record of the conversations.

Brooklyn Beta

Talking to Chris about the joys of a back garden / yard, no close neighbours and Bolder, Colorado.

Dan M is from Bristol, Philadelphia and we chatted Cockney Rhyming Slang and what Bristol City meant.

Joel P and I agreed that the world should take every Friday off, go on, do it.

I talked to Jonny G and Chris M on what changes open access to Kickstarter will bring.

Chris M on Break Conf kicking off in November in Belfast

Lachlan and Ellie on Tel Aviv and New York. (Lachlan seemed to be at all the conversations I had at Brooklyn Beta).

Robbie M and working across timezones. How 5 hours is manageable and how 9 hours is hard.

David Hieatt on libraries and jeans and the fact that Huit Denim do a 29″ leg.

Nate on Japan and cool t-shirts and how America was founded and named from Bristol.

A lovely chat with Colly on second chances.

Geri on high end hotels in the Middle East and how to deal with a hang over

Maykel D and life at Facebook and how to plan for the future

Bagels and mustard with Doug B and conversation on quality of life, working less and why he really needs to wallpaper his house.

Rachael L on 9 years in the same job and hand made postcards, metadata, love letters and postcards.

Dave F on putting your spare room on AirBNB

Jeff on the Rhotic and non-rhotic accents in English as well as the Dixies in Brazil and the first submarines.

Doc on why airlines charge so much for bicycles and making a change, damn it.

Breakfast with Tantek and Andy B and conversation on the future of interfaces and how there will always be a need for people to make the simple from the complex.

Jon H on travelling, bikes, moving house and being surrounded by boxes.

Gin with Brooks and talk of writing 140 characters and a lot more

Watching the speakers with Chris N and chatting about life at Tumblr.

Adam R on the joys of old HIFI gear

Lovely views of the Williamsburg bridge and conversation with Trent W and Joshua on tattoos and the story of poor Clint

Shuffle Board and conversation with Jeremy K on Battle of Planets, old cup modems and huge telephone bills.

Shuffle Board champions with Andre Z.

Elliot S on the joys of marriage.

Michael M and oddness of life in Dubai and the wonderful Peggy.

A comfy sofa and a chat to Hanna on Spotify, telling stories, and lack of credit cards in the Philippines.

Rodrigo on blendsdays

Coffee and conversation with Ian Smiles and talk of corruption in sport, Dragons Den / Shark Tank and the she wee.

Pinball with Josh and talk of startups, corner store businesses and buying a seaplane some day.

Pizza in Narnia with Andi M, Daniel W and Tom S and talk on uncovering my mystical side, astrology for websites and UX tarot readings.

Dancing with everyone to Girl Walk All Day. Especially Ann Marsen

Cocktails and GSTQ with Brooks, Johanna and Audrey T. Audrey, the hat looks great.

Almost lost our voices but Tim and I chatted on why being scared is a good thing

Dan for the idea of putting this together after he did in 2012.

Big love to Cameron and Chris for making it such an amazing event and to Jonny, Josh, Andie and Daniel for looking after me in the big bad city.

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