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Creating the Conditions for Success: The CEO’s Key Role in Business Growth

What is the number one job of a CEO? It’s a question Ultimately, it comes down to one thing: creating the conditions for success. You can’t guarantee sales, annual or monthly recurring revenue, but you can set your team up to be as successful as possible.

Let’s talk about what this means. For a sales team, it means ensuring they have the pipeline of leads, quotas, and resources they need to do their job effectively. But remember, money is a lagging indicator of success, so it’s crucial to focus on leading indicators instead.

As a CEO, you can create the conditions for your own success by playing to your strengths, setting up regular one-to-one meetings with key people, and implementing a rigorous process to make success more likely. Leading indicators of success could include the number of sales calls, one-to-one meetings, and how you report up and down within the organization.

Be aware that many KPIs in business, like OKRs, often focus on lagging indicators. Instead, concentrate on leading indicators that you have control over. By creating the right conditions for your team, C-suite, and yourself, you can dramatically change the trajectory of your business.

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