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Forms are boring

Are forms boring? Let’s see.

Some advice and help for making better forms.

The science of form design. Security, honesty & stupid mistakes not to make.

Forms are boring
There’s nothing worse than a form design project. The thought of laying out page after page of white boxes and labels can send the average designer to sleep.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

@mrjoe will show you how to add a little magic to your forms. Using psychology, craft and a little sparkle you’ll be designing forms that are both fun to create and a pleasure to use.

I gave this talk at NUX in Manchester in 2012.

These are the updates slides from MakingWeb, Norway in 2015.

Great Sketchnotes from Sean Callaghan
Joe Leech Sketch Notes

Francis Rowland’s sketch notes of the talk.

New! An infographic from Leina Elgohari:
Forms are Boring notes

I made a great little Form Cheat Sheet with tips to design great forms.

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