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Goodbye Net Magazine and Thank You

It’s with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Net magazine

Joe on cover

Net magazine, or #nutmeg to those in the know – so called after an autocorrect incident, will no longer be in print. The website was merged into Creative Bloq a few years ago so this really is the end. Net magazine really was a fantastic guide to the industry, trends and technology. Focusing on both the people and medium.

I’ve had a number of articles printed in the magazine over the years. I loved the tutorials, something about the smaller space made them more focused and quick. You could learn a skill in a little over an hour.

I was a subscriber for a few years but I think like most readers, I moved away from printed magazines to articles online. The Covid lockdown being the final blow.

Joe in net magazine

Joe in net magazine

mentoring and the skills gap Joe in nutmeg

Thanks for everything Netmag! There are some lovely messages on former editor Oliver Lindberg’s LinkedIn post

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