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Having the difficult conversation

Three times over the few months I’ve come across CEOs who are NOT having the difficult conversations they know they have to have.

  1. The wrong person in the wrong job that no amount of training will fix. That person is clearly unhappy and there is a serious risk that doing nothing could bring the business down. In this case sales. No one is having the difficult conversation.
  2. A management consultancy doing an average job. Everyone is so worn down by the experience that they don’t have the energy to correct. Hundreds of thousands wasted on the wrong thing, opportunity cost is huge. Consultancy doesn’t know why things aren’t working. No one is having the difficult conversation.
  3. A personal relationship that is drifting. Nobody is unhappy but equally nobody is happy. No one wants to voice the issues.

The things is after having the difficult conversation things were far better than they were before.

The sales person got moved sideways into a new job. The consultancy changed out key players and upped their game. The personal relationship is on the up, there is more happiness.

What’s the common thread? The expectations of the difficult conversation were far, far worse than the reality. The excuses given for not having the conversation were surface level plausible but were based around those negative expectations. …and the situation was made worse by putting off the conversation.

🤷 So, I ask you. What difficult conversations are you NOT having? How would you like that conversation to go? (rather than the scary place you worry it could go to).

Go have the conversation.

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