An IA / website content planning template

A free Google Spreadsheets Template to help plan a website's information architecture

showing the IA information architecture free template

I’ve been using a version of this spreadsheet for a few months now to plan the content organisation, navigation and page structure of the website projects I’ve been working on. I use it ahead of any sketching / wireframing to plan the content that needs to be laid out on the page.

It does a few things (fairly well)

  1. Shows the pages on the website
  2. Shows the hierarchy of pages on the site
  3. Shows the order content on each page
  4. The organisation of navigation (different sheet)

It works well for websites with a limited number of levels of navigation. Any more than three deep and it’ll get a little out of hand.

Feel free to use in your projects and let me know of any improvements you think we could make to it.

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