It’s out. My book Pyschology for Designers

My book is has been out for about a week now and the feedback has been good. It's selling well and I've had lots of great feedback from Twitter and Readmill. The first few people to buy the book have left reviews that I've included here.

Psychology for designers by Joe Leech

Here’s what people have been saying about Psychology for Designers.

The Pocket Guide from @mrjoe is fantastic. Doesn’t just reel off studies, but teaches you how to research for yourself. Wonderful.

From @malabarfront

I bought it. And I’m not even a designer.

From @jasoneccles

Check out the comments from those that have read the book over at Readmill.

Definitely worth checking out, for both designers and developers. Easy to read, and full of useful links and examples.

From Polly.

Psychology for designers is £2/$3 and available for Kindle, iPad, mobile phones, PDF and all other eReaders.

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