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It’s the 7 out of 10s that are dangerous

Be it projects, ideas, schemes, partnerships or promises it’s easy to spot a 2/10 and say ‘no, it’s not for me’. 10 out of 10s are also an easy spot, you just know you want to do it and do it now. It’s the 7/10s that are the traps.

7/10s are the ideas that seems like a good idea, an initiative you are flattered to be asked to join, a project that has promise but let’s face it is a little dry but there isn’t a reason to say no.

The 7/10s start out ok, they keep your interest for a while. After a few weeks they begin to drag, the excitement of a ‘hell yeah!’ 10 out of 10 isn’t there.

But worse, now you are committed and before long that dragging feeling turns into resentment. You berate yourself for getting involved. That resentment turns into annoyance at the people involved. You don’t want to turn up, put in the work in, your behaviour becomes brat-like.

7/10s create real damage to your well being, your relationships with others and your reputation.

Say no to the 7/10s. Like anything else saying no is a muscle that needs to be exercised. 💪

7/10s can be easy to spot. There isn’t a feeling of ‘I want to do this right now’ and there isn’t an instant ‘not for me’ feeling either. Take your time to think, ‘I’ll get back to you, I need to think it over.’ Spend time thinking, if that hell yeah feeling isn’t there say no it’s not for me.

⚠️ If you don’t say no, you know that in taking this 7/10 you could be blocking the opportunity for that 10/10 that is almost certainly round the corner.

If you like this read Only 10s by Mark Silverman.

What 7/10s have you said yes to that you regretted?

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