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Forms are boring: NUX 2 Manchester, October 25 2013

I spoke at NUX 2 Manchester on Friday 25th October 2013. I love Manchester and alway enjoy my time there.

I spoke about about forms and how much I love to design them.

Forms are boring
There’s nothing worse than a form design project. The thought of laying out page after page of white boxes and labels can send the average designer to sleep.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

@mrjoe will show you how to add a little magic to your forms. Using psychology, craft and a little sparkle you’ll be designing forms that are both fun to create and a pleasure to use.

Great Sketchnotes from Sean Callaghan
Joe Leech Sketch Notes

Francis Rowland’s sketch notes of the talk.

New! An infographic from Leina Elgohari:
Forms are Boring notes

I made a great little Form Cheat Sheet with tips to design great forms.

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