Joe Leech

The airline captain comes over the tannoy. I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The bad news, none of my instruments are working, I don’t know where we are and I don’t know how much fuel we have but the good news is we are ahead of schedule.

(That story is taken from the great book Traction).

This is the story of so many businesses I work with. Success is happening, money is coming in but the business is operating blind. Everyone is working super hard but no-one really knows what the state of the business is.

There is a vague goal of reaching $xx million in ARR and some OKRs which nobody really uses. The leadership team are too busy to develop a strategy giving excuses like ‘We don’t need a strategy’. Yet underneath morale is low, staff turnover is high, everyone is working 60+ hours a week with a belief that working hard is their superpower.

I’m working with a I’m working with a CEO who’s #1 goal is to make his attendance at any meeting optional and purely as an observer. Another CEO is stopping everyone she comes across to understand if they know the strategy and their exact part in its execution. If they don’t, that is on her shoulders. Alongside Business of Software we’re launching a Mastermind group to help founders exit their business and without a set of working instruments no-one will buy a business.

Does this sound familiar? Email this to someone who needs to read it.

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