Convert Markdown into a Word Document

I write everything in Markdown but needed a way to produce Word documents for the old skool.

I love Markdown, the handy, simple way to format plain text.

I write pretty much everything in Markdown from emails to user research notes to reports, I even wrote my book in Markdown.

While it is a great format the business world is still firmly wedded to Microsoft Word. I’d been searching for a way of converting from Markdown to Word and came across Pandoc.

Pandoc is the “swiss army knife of text conversion” and is a package install that is used through the scary Terminal. Once installed it’s actually pretty straightforward for folk not used to the terminal. It can be used to convert to HTML but many tools like WordPress do this automatically.

  • Save your Markdown document as to the desktop
  • Open the Terminal, you can find it in Applications » Utilities
  • Enter: cd Desktop to navigate to the Desktop
  • Enter: ls to list your files
  • Enter: pandoc -o output.docx -f markdown -t docx

And hey presto you have a formatted word document.

Update Rian van der Merwe suggested using Marked which seems to do it automatically and costs $13.

5 Responses to “Convert Markdown into a Word Document”

  1. Elena

    You can simply add a Writage plugin ( to Word and open and edit Markdown documents in Word.

  2. Alexandre

    Hey Joe!

    Your tip was simply perfect! Document is exported with all markings, including Summary tags (so that including a ToC is an AUTOMATIC task).

    Thanks so much!

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