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My Greatest Hits of Writing

I’ve been blogging for 10 years and to celebrate I bring you The First Ten Years, 2004 – 2014, the greatest hits from my writing.

Side One – Popular Hits and Crowd Pleasers

Myth of the page fold evidence for user testing
Let’s start with my only #1. Half a million unique views and still rising. Still getting 10K reads a month. Used by so many web folk to advocate against the crazy cram-it-all-above-the-fold-requests.

A love letter to WordPress
Bringing it down, a balled, a letter of love to a CMS; oh yes.

Personas: the good, the bad and the ugly
Turning up the volume. An honest appraisal of this poor excuse for a UX technique.

UX/Usability expert, me? Never.
Never trust anyone who says they are an expert. Here’s why.

Focus Groups, User Experience and the yellow radio
Or why focus groups are a waste of time for the digital design team.

Hover is dead, long live hover on: Net Magazine
A rousing crowd pleaser. Showing it’s age.

Web Form Design Cheat Sheet: Smashing Magazine
A free pull out poster! Everyone loves free stuff. Now a little long in the tooth but full of good advice for forms.

The edge in eCommerce: emotion
I wrote this in 2011, still very true now. Don’t sell me specs, sell me feeling.

Psychology Myth Busting (a series of four)
A heavy, deep, prog rock classic. Slaying the dragons of psychology myth with my magic sword of UX.

Side Two – The ones the artists and critics like but no-one listened to

Maximum Viable Product
On knowing your limits. A ballad for failed relationship perhaps…

Strong ideas Weakly Held
If you read one article here make it this one. The one I’m most proud of.

The Future of our Work in UX on The Pastry Box
Or how we should be designing for the psychical world and the digital world side by side.

Data Dehumanises
Like a profound and misunderstood goth classic. Be nice, don’t be a dick with data. Treat people as people not numbers.

Why Information Architecture is not Architecture
Or why there are so many crazy job titles. The only article with an actual music video. Watch it, it will make you cringe.

Thanks for the support

There we have it folks, 10 years of blogging hits, hopefully you’ve read at least one of those at some point. If you like these sign up to my weekly links of interest email and I’ll send you what I write and as well as my picks of the best psy, UX and web articles each week.

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