Simple note taking with, er, Simplenote

I used a paper notebook for a long time. But I found myself wishing I could search my notes and always have my notes with me.

Enter SimpleNote.

I started using SimpleNote to write in plain text.

SimpleNote had a couple of other attractive features. The notes are stored in the cloud. No need to bother with file systems, saving, backing-up, syncing and all that malarky.

On my Mac I use nvAlt. A great, free note taking app with no fuss.

On my iPhone I use the SimpleNote app, the notes are there when I need them and are synced automatically with Simplenote and appear on my Mac. It’s on Android too.

I write in Markdown which is a simple notation that can easily convert into HTML by tools by nvAlt itself or WordPress or Medium. I’ve written before about converting Markdown to Word documents.

I can write a quick blog post and have it only in minutes.

All with no fuss. Proper ace.

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