Why I support Awamu

And you should too.

About 3 years ago I got an email plea from Emma Scullion that runs Awamu. Awamu supports women in Uganda to care for orphaned children.

There has been heavy rain in Bwaise, their homes are built on a swap and areas where the children live have experienced sever rains and flooding over the last week.

Regina, who has 12 children living with her in one room lost everything she owns. I wonder if you we might be able to raise a little extra to help Regina buy blankets and mattresses.

Overall they needed about £100 to buy new mattresses, clothing and blankets. It was an easy choice to make, I gave £100. They needed it much more than I did.

It’s been great to hear how the kids are getting on in Bwaise. Awamu pays for them to go to school. The kids even drew a picture for our wedding last year:

Wedding picture

So this week myself and some friends are riding to Amsterdam on bicycles to raise money to build a garden for the families.

Many of the children were born with HIV and are on ARV medication.

They must take the medicine 2-3 times a day and it must be taken with food or it will make you REALLY sick, cause a lot of pain and can cause long-term damage.

We’re paying our own costs for the trip and all the money given goes directly to help the kids. It’s an amazing feeling helping people, why not donate some money and share that feeling too:

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