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The ‘Twix’ in ecommerce

The smartest ecommerce person I’ve ever met taught me about the Twix.

The ‘Twix’ in ecommerce is a small, low cost additional item used to increase average order value.

Let’s be clear, the best ‘Twix’ is not a chocolate bar or anything crappy or unhealthy but something useful that complements the main purchase and it is most certainly not included or requiring the user to remove it from their basket.

Good examples of the ‘Twix’ are socks at Sports Direct, spare laces when buying boots from Millets / Blacks or travel insurance on the

sports direct showing socks to buy alongside shoes

The ‘Twix’ is under £5, useful, compliments the main purchase and is easy to buy.

Add a few to your site and make your customers happy.

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