Goodbye cxpartners, hello freelance.

All change from April 2015.

In brief
I’m leaving cxpartners after 9 years to become a freelance UX consultant.
I’ll be looking for UX research, design and mentoring projects from early April. If you want to work with me drop me an email at / more about hiring me.

It started with two flats. A tyre and a battery. I normally race my bike home listening to podcasts on my phone doing my best to not think too much, ignoring my subconscious.

The two flats gave me a 45-minute walk and most importantly 45 minutes thinking time. The previous week The Great Discontent had posted a video interview with me and others asking the question Are you creatively satisfied?

I realised it was time for a change. I was a manager, I was doing less of the work I enjoyed. I wasn’t making a difference anymore. I wasn’t satisfied creatively.

cxpartners have been great to me over the years. I’ve learned a huge amount from the clever people there and worked on some exciting projects across the world with Marriott, eBay, theTrainline, Disney and others. I will miss my friends at cx. Leaving a smart, successful UX agency at the top of its game is not an easy choice.

October last year at Brooklyn Beta I saw a talk by Ella Luna, at the Crossroads of Should and Must. Arriving at that point in your life where you give up the safe, secure and easy option and do the thing you know you have to do.

For me that’s opening up to a wider world of possibilities and challenges, to create more.

From April, I’ll be freelancing. You can hire me to help you with a gnarly or challenging UX problem. I can research, design and advocate great user experiences. I understand the ins and outs of business so can help with your digital strategy.

I speak fluent start-up and can navigate a big organisation like a veteran. VCs and the board love the way I research and identify the key issues, design to address them and talk about the financials to help back up the approach. I can also help train and mentor your UX team (I was once a teacher and regularly speak at conferences). I’ve got 11 years of UX experience for hire.

Get in touch, let’s do some great work and have a blast doing it.

3 Responses to “Goodbye cxpartners, hello freelance.”

  1. Jonathan

    Seven years ago, after I’d spent a similar time to you at design agencies, I thought similar thoughts.

    Interestingly though, my conclusion was that going in-house was what I wanted. And I’ve stayed with in-house roles ever since.

    Did you consider going in-house? If so, what made you choose freelance?

  2. Joe Leech

    Hi @JBB. It was also a lifestyle choice, I don’t think I’m ready for an In-House role anytime soon. Ask me in year!

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