Responsive design and ROI

I've been helping to put a business case together for responsive design. Here's some of the source material I've been using.

“He estimated that for a competent CSS developer, their first responsive design may carry about a 20 per cent overhead, but once you have been through it the first time, it’s really second nature after that.”
Using responsive design to lower build costs

“And of course, whilst it is no doubt a cheaper alternative to a device-specific approach, the changes to your UX and development process do need to be factored in.”
Responsive design & ROI, observations from the coal face by my colleague Chris.

“Since the launch of the new site with the Responsive layout we have seen a 21.86% uplift in CTR, which is a great so we can show potential clients that making a site Responsive really is worth it!”
Responsive design to deliver resounding ROI

“Separate mobile site vs. responsive design: costs and implications”
From Paul Boag.

“Mobile app vs mobile web”
From Giles also at cxpartners

I also talk about responsive design on the British tech network podcast:
British tech network

If there is anything else you’ve found why not add it in the comments.

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