UX is not just about the interface it’s about the organisation behind it

Why you need more than Sketch to fix a UI.

Back when I stated in UX twelve years ago we could we hit most UIs with a big stick and they’d be better than they were.

We’d make simple recommendations that created spectacular results. Most famous was Jared Spool and the $300 million dollar button. Sadly the days of changing some words on a button are behind us.

These days I spend as much time helping the organisation to make the changes needed to be a digital business. In so many organisations it’s still the case that an ecommerce website sits under the marketing director or worse the equivalent of the wooden-huts-out-the-back-by-the-garbage-bins the ‘website team’.

Seemingly simple ideas like offering next day delivery will make a difference to the user but the organisational changes needed to fulfil this are hard. The web manager or marketing director can’t make that call, they are limited in their scope meaning the experience users expect can’t be created.

Many businesses are internet businesses but they don’t realise they are. If more than 50% of your sales / leads / business comes from the internet you are an internet business and you need to make the organisational changes necessary to meet this new world. I’ve seen organisations where 100% of sales come from online yet the business structure is based somewhere back in the 1970s.

Setting up a simple A|B testing programme to experiment with new ideas is easy enough to suggest. But expecting some ideas not to work out is really hard for many organisations (especially UK who are so much more risk averse than in the US) to get their head around.

The reality of being a UXer in 2015 is that you need skills from business so the user experience you know is needed can get built.

I explore this idea and more in my talk How to Design with Science and not Destroy the Magic

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